Bellisse, the Compressure Comfort Garment. An innovative approach to breast and chest wall edema following breast cancer surgery.

What This Post-Surgical Garment Will Provide You.

• Gentle compression of the torso, while directing the excess lymphatic load to alternate functional pathways.

• The use of specialty pads is simplified by addressing specific areas of breast edema or chest wall fibrosis.

• Available in a large range of sizes as “Ready-to-wear” with unprecedented adjustability: a front zipper for ease of donning, and a variable position back closure – allowing for optimal fit.

• The unique, non-restrictive design is comfortable, day and night, and aids in pain reduction and swelling following surgery.

• Because of its’ compressive qualities, the shape is determined by the contours of the body, is soft to the skin and is smooth under clothing.

• The adjustable, comfortable and unobtrusive nature of the garment is the perfect solution for sustainable and effective treatment of chest wall edema and/or fibrosis – ALL DAY – EVERY DAY for as long as gentle compression is needed.